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India is known as IT powerhouse with the sector accounting for almost 8% of country’s GDP during the year 2020. Revenues of Indian IT and BPM industry reached US$ 194 billion in during the Financial Year 2020-21. Of these, exports alone accounted for US$ 145 billion. This signifies the importance of Indian IT industry for the world. According to a Study by Gartner, IT spending in India is estimated to reach US$ 98.5 billion in 2022.
▬ About The Programme ▬

Adding to its bouquet of services, ESC decided to assist Indian IT MSMEs reach two of the largest markets (USA & UK) for Indian software exports. With that in view, Council decided to launch of two offices each in the two countries. These offices have been conceived as incubators for Indian software companies wanting to enter the two markets. Since November 2021, all the four offices are nurturing 5 companies each and helping them find a foothold in these markets. The two UK offices are located at London and Manchester whereas offices in USA are based at New Jersey & California.

Though still in early stages of operation, the 4 offices have turned in good results. Several of the participating companies have signed new business deals while many other new tie-ups and alliances are being negotiated. 

Council is ready to launch second phase of the initiative wherein a fresh set of 20 companies will be identified and will be represented by the 4 offices. 

ESC's International Co-operation Activities

Entire spectrum of ESC’s services revolve around its initiatives to enhance international cooperation between Indian and global business enterprises. Some important measures include:

Trade Shows, Exhibitions & B2B Meetings

Subsidized participation of Indian electronics and IT companies in global Trade Shows / Exhibitions

B2B meetings – Virtual as well as Physical. 

Business Delegations

ESC mounts business delegations to different countries. To explore new business opportunities.

ESC also plays host to a number of foreign delegations visiting India for visiting business houses with relevant Indian companies. 

Tenders & Trade Enquiries

ESC receives regular information about Tenders floated in different countries. Similarly trade enquiries are received from all corners of the globe.  These are shared with members.


INDIASOFT is the flagship event of ESC organised to showcase India’s IT prowess since 2001. The Show enables Indian software companies forge links with foreign buyers and counterparts specially hosted for the event.

India Electronics Expo & India IoT World

India Electronics Expo, organised by ESC provides Indian electronics manufacturers an opportunity to showcase their latest products to foreign delegates from various countries. A new initiative India IoT World Expo showcases India’s strength in Connected Devices. Both the events are visited by a large number of international delegates.